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Alvita Adult Reusable Barrier Masks- 2 pack

  • Reusable after washing up to 30 times
  • Suitable for use by the general public
  • Adult size
  • White
  • 2 masks


Materials performance measured by DGA Maitrise NRBC laboratories. 5 rue Lavoisier, 91710 Vert-le-Petit, France (RP/20-3203/DGA MNRBC/2000305/NP) and found to be effective up to 30 washs (IFTH report 2020-04-17-173-1):

Filtration efficiency for 3 μm particles > 90%.
Breathability – Air permeability (for a 100 Pa vaccum pressure) > 96 L/M²/s.

This barrier mask is not a medical device in compliance with Regulation EU/2017/45 (surgical masks) nor is it personal protective equipment in compliance with Regulation EU/2016/425 (filtering masks type FFP2).

How to use:

This pack contains a set of two face masks for daily use.

The wearing time of the mask is limited to four hours, after which the mask should be washed before the next use.

If you are sick, the mask is not suitable, ask your doctor for advice.