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Each test requires these details for the test to be registered and processed.
For more than one person up to a maximum of 9 people per order, add additional tests to the shopping cart
For more than 9 people please create 2 orders.


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Product Information 

This travel test package must be ordered before flying to England. 

  • Instant notification of your unique reference number(s) required before flying
    (5-10 mins of order, SMS notification if mobile number given on order)
  • Choose between "2 & 8 day" or just "2 Day" test.
  • We used a UKAS accredited private provider listed on website
  • Simple, stress fee booking, kit delivery, swab sample and fast results
  • Supported by an award winning customer service team of executive assistants not robots 
  • Buy your day 2 & 8 tests now  
  • If you also require a day 5 international 'Test to Release' also buy now with a separate order 

For each journey you must order a separate test per person. 
For more than one person on a single journey choose ADD TO CART and then CONTINUE SHOPPING and add another test to the cart.
Arrival Date back to the UK must be entered for the order.

Your unique reference number needed for your flight will be sent to you in an email 5-10 mins after order payment.

You need clarify travel requirements on the .gov website before making a purchase as changes occur daily and we are unable to make refunds should any changes be made once unique passenger locator form is generated in line with government directions.

GOK.UK Link for red-amber-green list rules.

Additional Information 

Multiple Orders

If you are travelling in a group arriving on the same day and isolating in the same place please place a separate order for each person travelling in your group. Each seperate order number will be your booking reference to include on each passenger locator form. 

Who is this test package for? 

All international travellers arriving in England from a country not on the UK Government's red list. 

What does the traveller have to do?

Travellers must take two Covid-19 PCR tests during their 10 day quarantine period. take the first test on or before day 2 and the second test on or after day 8 of your quarantine period in your own accommodation.

When may I leave quarantine?

If you've quarantined for 10 days and received a negative result to both our day 2 and day 8 tests, you may leave the place where you are quarantining. 

How do I release from quarantine early? 

You can still voluntarily use the Test to Release  for international travellers. Simply follow the link to order. Take this test on day 5 of your quarantine.  If then your day 2 and day 5 (Test to Release) tests are negative, you can end your quarantine early. However you still do need to take your day 8 test form your travel testing package.  

How our service works? 

  • Order the test & complete your passenger locator form.  We send you via Royal Mail 24 the first nose and throat swab PCR test kit to the comfort of your quarantine accommodation to arrive on or before day 2. If you are arriving on Saturday and testing on Monday please place your order order before the  Friday cut-off time for next day delivery which is 13:30 UK time.   If you need to place an order after 13:30 on a Friday to test on Monday for an additional cost we can use a private courier to get your test to you. Please contact our customer service team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information on our expedited services. 
  • Do the day 2 test following the easy kit instructions. Activate it online.  Return the swab to the lab with the return Royal Mail 24 postage label included. For speed use your closest Royal Mail Priority postbox. 
  • Receive day 2 results we securely email you your result. Usually available within 24 hours of receipt of your sample at the lab * 
  • Receive and do your day 8 test and receive results.  
  • If you need any help at all or an expedited service email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • End quarantine after 10 full days and you have received two negative results

Easter Pharmacy is unable to offer a refund of payment made for day 2 and day 8 COVID testing kits.

It is a government requirement to meet UKAS accreditation to ensure full chain of custody of samples is traceable. Each test Kit is personalised with a unique reference number for the purposes of the testing process and further personalised with unique booking reference numbers due to government requirements for passenger locator forms The kit is therefore exempt from refunds as per Article 28(3)(b). 4.3.3. Depending on the shelf life of the subject kit, the test kits are liable to deteriorate or expire rapidly and therefore they are exempt from returns under Article 28(1)(c) of the 2013 Regs 4.3.4. Following government advice, on a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, criminal activity, and breaches of Covid restrictions and in the interests of Public Health Protection.

What is included in our Travel Testing Package? 

2 complete CE marked nose/throat sample collection kits

These are contained in a "large letter size"  box easy to receive through your letter box up

Easy to follow instructions covering collecting the swab sample, how to activate your test, how to safely return a sample, how to test a child

Kit contains Throat/Nasal swab, clear plastic bag with absorbent sheet, sample tube filled with liquid, security seal sticker, grey postal bag, return box with RM tracked 24 return label. 

Delivery to your isolation address 

If you test positive the lab undertakes additional testing on our sample to identify the precise Covid-19 variant. 

Results are reported in our secure iQemo portal and by email.  

Access to our award winning customer service team who will happily help you solve any issues. 

How accurate is the test? 

98% sensitivity, 100% specificity and 98.8% accuracy.  CE marked assay. Approved by Uk Government & Public Health England. 

* After receipt of your sample our labs aim to report your result between 4pm-10pm the day after receipt. This is achieved in the majority of cases. On rare occasions, due to the very high quality standards needed to be met, sample processing needs to be repeated and that can result in reporting the following day.